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U.S Accuses Russia Of Meddling In Macedonia Referendum

20 hours ago /

U.S. defense secretary Jim Mattis arrived in Macedonia on Monday with a warning that Russia is attempting to meddle in a referendum  by spreading disinformation, to change the Balkan country’s name and open the door for it to join NATO,

Chinese/US Military Set Aside Friction To Attend Health Forum

20 hours ago /

A top Chinese general attended the opening on Monday of a regional armed forces health forum organized by the Chinese and U.S. Militaries, as the two sides set aside friction over trade and territorial issues.

Iran Says U.S. Withdrawal From Nuclear Deal Threatens Middle East Peace

20 hours ago /

Iran’s atomic chief says the U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear deal struck between the country and major powers is “doomed” to seriously affect peace and security in the Middle East,

Hurricane Florence Lashes North Carolina

20 hours ago /

The coastal city of Wilmington, North Carolina has been cut off from the rest of the state because of heavy floods following hurricane Florence.

Super Typhoon Slams China

20 hours ago /

A super typhoon made landfall in China’s Guangdong on Sunday, the country’s most populous province, after wreaking havoc in Hong Kong and Macau and killing potentially more than 50 people in the Philippines.


Many Killed In Philippines Typhoon Manghut

20 hours ago /

Philippine rescuers used shovels and their bare hands to claw through mounds of rocky soil on Monday as they desperately looked for dozens of people feared buried beneath a landslide unleashed by typhoon Manghut.

Typhoon Mangkhut: Miners And Families Buried By Landslide

1 day ago /

Rescuers in the Philippines are digging through mud to retrieve bodies buried by a landslide that hit as Typhoon Mangkhut battered the country.

US Killer Storm Weakens To Tropical Depression

1 day ago /

A killer storm that left up to 13 people dead weakened to a tropical depression on Sunday, but us authorities warned the devastation it caused -- including catastrophic flooding, is far from over.

Germany Responds To Russian Hybrid Warfare With Improved Military Cyber Capabilities

2 days ago /

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Says Berlin Was Boosting Military Cyber Capabilities To Respond To Russian Hybrid Warfare That Is Targeting Its Troops Deployed On NATO's Eastern Flank.

Rwanda Pardons, Frees Over 2000 Prisoners

2 days ago /

Rwanda has pardoned more than 2,000 prisoners, including a top opposition figure Victoire Ingabire, who, has been serving a 15-year jail term for threatening state security and "belittling" the 1994 genocide.

Philippines Typhoon Mangkhut Heads Towards China

2 days ago /

Two people were killed and structures flattened in northern Philippines as typhoon Mangkhut ripped through Luzon high land

Buhari Sympathises With Trump Over Hurricane Florence

2 days ago /

President Muhammadu Buhari  has extended his sympathies to President Donald Trump and the American people over the devastating effects of Hurricane Florence currently ravaging some parts of the United States.

US Hurricane Florence Hits North, South Carolina

2 days ago /

Weather forecasters in the U.S have warned of the risk of life threatening flash flooding in parts of north and south Carolina and Virginia from storm Florence

Russian Warships Hold Military Drills

3 days ago /

Russian warships held drills on Friday in the Bering Sea as part of Moscow’s biggest military maneuvers since the fall of the soviet union.

Suu Kyi Defends Jailing Of Two Journalists

4 days ago /

Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi has defended the jailing of two journalists, despite international condemnation.

Putin Says Suspects In Skripal Poisoning Are Civilians

5 days ago /

Russian President Vladimir Putin says, the two suspects in the poisoning of ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripaland his daughter are civilians and not criminals.

Germany Threatens Military Action In Syria Over Use Of Chemical Weapons

5 days ago /

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says Germany will not be indifferent if chemical attacks took place in Syria, two days after her Government said it was in talks with its allies about a possible military deployment in the war-torn Country.

UN Brokered Libyan Truce Collapses

5 days ago /

The truce brokered by the United Nations and an armed faction in control of Tripoli has collapsed. This has led to the closure of the only working airport in the Libyan capital, only days after it re-opened.

Jailed Brazilian Ex-President Lula Pulls Out Of Presidential Race

5 days ago /

Former Brazilian President, Lula Da Silva has pulled out of next month's presidential election to allow his running mate to take his place.

Americans Remembers 9/11

6 days ago /

Americans on Tuesday paid tributes to the heroes who fought back against hijackers on September 11, 2001 vowing America would never succumb in the face of evil and that it would do whatever it takes to keep the country safe

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